A list of significant events occuring in 2032.

Major Events Occuring in 2032Edit

Events by DateEdit

  • September 19 - The crew of the United Earth Oceans submarine UEO SeaQuest DSV 4600-II begin reappearing in various places throughout UEO territory after having disappeared with the boat under mysterious circumstances in 2022; SeaQuest herself reappears in a cornfield and is immediately pressed into service by Captain Oliver Hudson. After success in saving Nexus Colony, Captain Nathan Bridger retires to raise his grandson and command of the boat is given to Hudson. See Seaquest DSV.

Unspecified DatesEdit

  • Simon Phoenix is thawed from CryoPrison in San Angeles, California for a parole hearing, but quickly frees himself and a Murder Death Kill rampage ensues across the city. See Demolition Man.
  • Following Phoenix's escape, John "Demolition Man" Spartan is thawed from CryoPrison early and sent to stop him at the behest of SAPD officer Lt. Lenina Huxley. See Demolition Man.

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